What are Message Parsers?

Message parsers help you parsing the message fields. The syslog message written into the message field often is in another syslog format which you might want to split up into their respective fields. And therefore you will most likely need a message parser. There are many different devices out there, which have a different log format, that we need different message parsers for.
Message Parsers

What are Reports?

A report is a summary of log entries. It can show your graphs which allows you to see which severity occured the most or a list of events sorted by the amount of occurences. This also allows you to determine, where you have problems or when they are occureing. We have different optional reports, which are not included by default. So have a look at our Reports repository.

What are Tranlations?

By default, LogAnalyzer is shipped with english language. But some people like to use programs in their native language. Therefore we have additional language files, mostly created by users and contributed back to the LogAnalyzer project for everyone to use. We have a list of language packs and they can be found here: