Snare Message Parser

Provides support for the snare agent message format

Author: Sebastian Schauenburg
License: GPLv3
Known Compatible With: Version 2.8
Latest Development Activity: 2010

3 Responses to “Snare Message Parser”

  1. dp says:

    yes, where to install indeed. i found the "classes/msgparsers" folder and put a copy of this class there, but now my msgparsers page doesn’t load.

    oh, and two of the 3 posts on this page are spam. you guys really should clean those up. for now the links behind the names are only hawking sleep aids. but if you like your pagerank, you should think about auditing posts.


  2. Peter Kruppa says:

    well, change the class name in the file:

    class MsgParser_snare


  3. scott phipps says:

    Even after I enable the message parsers, neither this one nor the datagram parser seem to have any effect. Is this feature currently working?

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