Eventlog Summary Report (generic)

This is an overview system activity report specifically written for Windows Event Log Data (proper message parser required).

Author: Andre Lorbach (Adiscon)
Report Category:
Report ID:
License: GPLv3
Known Compatible With: integral part of Adiscon LogAnalyzer (v3.0+)
Download: part of the Adiscon LogAnalyzer install set
Support: all Adiscon LogAnalyzer Support options
Demo Report: [HTML] [PDF]

6 Responses to “Eventlog Summary Report (generic)”

  1. Swami says:

    I like to download the report and use it on my loganalyzer. Please advice. Thanks.

  2. tony says:

    Is it posible for a test website to download this module ?


  3. alorbach says:

    Demo Reports can be generated here: http://loganalyzer-demo.adiscon.com/
    This report is already part of Loganalyzer when you install the latest version.

  4. Shashank says:

    Hi Team,
    I would like to use reports. Could you pls. guide me how can I enable reporting and generate reports ?

  5. mad says:


    good job for this tool
    I have a problem when wanted to export reports, i have a page without any line

    just the title of report and others fields but no data

    anything to do ?

  6. mad says:

    And sorry , i have this error when whanted to configure report :

    The datasource ‘My Syslog Source’ does not contain all necessary datafields There is at least one FIELD missing.

    Do you want LogAnalyzer to create the missing datafields now?

    Thank you for helping

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