Syslog Summary Report (Generic)

This is an overview system activity report for syslog Data.

Author: Andre Lorbach (Adiscon)
Report Category:
Report ID:
License: GPLv3
Known Compatible With: integral part of Adiscon LogAnalyzer (v3.0+)
Download: part of the Adiscon LogAnalyzer install set
Support: all Adiscon LogAnalyzer Support options
Demo Report: [HTML] [PDF]

3 Responses to “Syslog Summary Report (Generic)”

  1. elaureano says:

    i’m trying to run a Syslog Summary Report just to see how it works and it keeps bringing me to this Web page. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. khoi says:

    HI, i was trying to understand how reporting works? I would like to use this as a template if that is available?

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