troubleshooting LogAnalyzer

Having trouble with LogAnalyzer? This page provides some tips on where to look for help and what to do if you need to ask for assistance. This page is continously being expanded.

Useful troublehshooting ressources are:

  • The LogAnalyzer documentation - note that the online version always covers the most recent development version. However, there is a version-specific doc set in each tarball. If you installed LogAnalyzer from a package, there usually is a LogAnalyzer-doc package, that often needs to be installed separately. If running the default installation, you should simply be able to get to the correct documentation version by clicking on the "help" button on any LogAnalyzer page.
  • The LogAnalyzer wiki (part of the larger rsyslog wiki) provides user tips and experiences.
  • Check the bugzilla to see if your problem is a known (and even fixed ;)) bug.

Configuration Problems

Validate your text configuration settings and, if you use the user system, also the configuration stored in your database. Some very few configuration settings can only be applied in the text config files.

Asking for Help

If you can't find the answer yourself, you should look at these places for community help.

  • The LogAnalyzer forum. This is the preferred method of obtaining support.
  • The LogAnalyzer mailing list. This is a low-volume list which occasional gets traffic spikes. The mailing list is probably a good place for complex questions.

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