How to resolve the error „No syslog records found (code 8 )”?

Some people stumbled upon a problem when installing LogAnalyzer v3.0.0. They got the following error message:

No syslog records found (code 8 ) – Error Details:
Unknown or unhandeled error occured.

Additionally, when "MiscShowDebugMsg" is enabled they would see the following:

LogStreamPDO|PrintDebugError: Invalid SQL: SELECT id, devicereportedtime, fromhost, infounitid, facility, priority, syslogtag, eventid, eventlogtype, eventsource, eventcategory, eventuser, systemid, checksum, message FROM systemevents WHERE id <= 45 ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 100

Errorcode: 42703
Detail error: 42703;7;ERROR: column "checksum" does not exist
Error Code: 42703

These error messages result from a missing column in the database. More specifically, this is resulting in the need of LogAnalyzer’s report module for the checksum column in the database (usually this is the table SystemEvents), which is already present when creating the database with some of the MonitorWare Products, but which will not be created when using LogAnalyzer 3.0.0 to set up the tables for storing Events. This is indeed a bug. Usually, the checksum column is not part of the regular MonitorWare database scheme, because it is not needed. Currently only LogAnalyzer and MonitorWare Console need it.

There are two possibilities to resolve this issue. The first is to insert the column manually into the database. You can use the following SQL script to do this. Please note, that you might need to alter the tablename if you don’t use the default name SystemEvents.

ALTER TABLE `systemevents` ADD `Checksum` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’0′ AFTER `SystemID`;

The second option is to update to LogAnalyzer 3.0.1. You can download it here:

When updating to the newest version, the database can be upgraded automatically for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. If you use a different database, you have to insert the column manually into the SystemEvents table.

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10 Responses to “How to resolve the error „No syslog records found (code 8 )”?”

  1. mysqlman says:

    I have same problem using 3.0.1 b3 and rsyslogd 4.6.4 (stable) :(

    No syslog records found (code 8)

    Any idea?

  2. jack says:

    You should check in step 3(loganalyzer web-based installation)

    database name
    database host
    database password

    Like that !

  3. Martin says:


    Please send some information to reinstall the systlog or how I need to reinstall the server or configuration mode.

    have same problem using 3.0.1 b3 and rsyslogd 4.6.4 (stable)

    everity ERR
    Facility LOCAL0
    uID 186662309
    Syslogtag [TP-Processor5]

  4. bixo says:

    the error of table i resolv editing the file /var/www/loganalyzer.config.php int end seccion defaultsourceid chanque dbtablename systemevents for SystemEvents

  5. [...] this article: Here Perhaps turning on the debug tool mentioned in that article can confirm this is the exact problem [...]

  6. Duncan says:

    ’0′ – syntax incorrect – which one is it? tried either still errors

    ALTER TABLE `systemevents` ADD `Checksum` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT `0` AFTER `SystemID`

    Error Code: 1064. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘`0` AFTER `SystemID`’ at line 1 0.000 sec

    ALTER TABLE `systemevents` ADD `Checksum` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’0′ AFTER `SystemID`
    Error Code: 1146. Table ‘rsyslogdb.systemevents’ doesn’t exist 0.000 sec

  7. Duncan says:

    Answer – remove quotes before and after 0 – worked for me with latest version of LogAnalyzer 3.6.3

    ALTER TABLE `systemevents` ADD `Checksum` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER `SystemID`,

  8. Melvin says:

    I have a problem in loganalyzer in the index.php “no syslog records found – Error Details:”
    No syslog records found
    Please help me…!!

  9. admin says:

    Are there log messages in your database?

  10. ImmTalImm says:

    Hello Log analyzer team,

    I have installed the rsyslog,mysql and loganalyzer combination. However, after few days, due to the growing log size, I get the error:

    No syslog records found – Error Details:

    No syslog records found

    [More Information] More Information


    Logstream Warning

    While reading the logstream, the php script timeout forced me to abort at this point.

    If you want to avoid this, please increase the LogAnalyzer script timeout in your config.php. If the user system is installed, you can do that in Admin center.

    [More Information] More Information

    The loganalyser worked very well in the initial phase.

    I also tried getting help from many of the people except didn’t write here. I suppose loganalyzer wasn’t designed to be scalable to large numbers of logs. So I’d ask on the discussion forum why the database creation script didn’t create any indexes, and whether creating some indexes would make it work better.

    Please do suggest me.


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