Is LogAnalyzer a alternative for Logzilla?

Many people know Logzilla. It was known as php-syslog-ng before. But why should we write about this product from our competitors. The reason is simple.

People should know, that LogAnalyzer is a real alternative to Logzilla if you already it. LogAnalyzer is able to keep up in concerns of features and does many things as good as Logzilla, if not even better.

But LogAnalyzer has some features that Logzilla does not have. Reports for example. These can even be generated automatically. And in the meantime, LogAnalyzer will provide you with a solid interface to review your log data and a strong search engine, that is able to let you review pre-formatted searches.

And to support these features, the log data can be drawn from a log database.

Did you know that you can review your logs everywhere? Even if you are not in your office. The interface runs in your browser and you can easily review the logs on your mobile phone. Having tested LogAnalyzer with several current smartphones, we found it is a good solution for checking the logs while being on the go.

You see, LogAnalyzer is a real alternative for Logzilla. It brings you a solid environment for reviewing logs that is also very flexible and expendable through modules and reports. And you can even use it for mobility purposes.

But the best thing about LogAnalyzer is, that it is completely OpenSource. Addons can be easily written and included into LogAnalyzer. And it is free to use. No license is needed to install and use LogAnalyzer.