The connection to the interface takes long

Sometimes we get the message that the login to the LogAnalyzer interface takes long. There are two simple steps that can solve this issue.

If you login to your LogAnalyzer interface there is always an automatic update check in the background. Sometimes it can be that this check takes long because of a slow connection or a closed firewall.
To avoid that issue you can at first check if your firewall blocks that update check. Alternative you can disable the update check manually.

You will find the configuration of the update check in functions_common.php. By replacing the url with nothing you can disable this.

Just replace

$content['UPDATEURL'] = "";


$content['UPDATEURL'] = "";

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2 Responses to “The connection to the interface takes long”

  1. Rainbow says:

    Dear all, I want to use loganalyzer (3.6.5)behind a firewall blocking the traffic to the web. So I want to disable the search for updates. Unfortunately I cannot find the functions_common.php. Where can I find this option?

    Best regards

  2. Julino says:

    Rainbow. go to the "includes" folder and u will find the file.. it worked for me. thanks!

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