LogAnalyzer v3.0.7 (v3-beta) released

Hi all,

We have just released LogAnalyzer 3.0.7. The new release has the following changes:

  • Added UserDBPort Parameter into DB_Connect function. Thanks to forum
    user "plebreton" pointing to this bug.
  • Added Output of report generation time into templates and common
    report variabes.
  • Fixed a bug in logstream DB causing unnecessary mysql_free_result
    calls when updating Checksum data.
  • Fixed filter dialog issue parsing message filters wrong in Report
    Admin Panel. An semicolon was added while saving report settings.
  • Added missing mapping for ProcessID field for monitorware database
    mapping (logstream constants).



    As always, feedback is appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Tom Bergfeld

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4 Responses to “LogAnalyzer v3.0.7 (v3-beta) released”

  1. ppiotrek says:


    This is good news but the message is a bit buggy as referring to "We have just released LogAnalyzer 3.0.6″ and the download link pointing to "http://loganalyzer.adiscon.com/downloads/loganalyzer-v3-0-5″ which is respectively one and two minor versions back…
    The updated is not detected in the Admin Panel at the moment, probably because the ‘version.txt’ info hasn’t been updated yet.

    Anyway, thanks for the great work and keep this great project running !

  2. FlyinFistOfJuda says:

    Gotta say, this is so great…

    Title: Version 3.0.7 released
    Text: We have just released LogAnalyzer 3.0.6…
    Download: 3.0.5 …

    If the text would be longer we would be back at phplogcon 🙂

  3. nazar says:

    UserDB, message parsing, Admin Panel, reports – that’s sounds good for somebody who use MySQL, but NOT for those with PostgreSQL!

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