LogAnalyzer v3.3.0 (v3-beta)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v3.3.0 (beta)


  • New view for Reports in main area. The new view is simular to the statistics page and makes the report more aware and accessible to  loganalyzer users. The reports are still edited in the Admin Center.
  • Syslog/Eventlog Summary Report – both reports have been upgraded to V2! The “Event Count” column has been moved to the left of the report. The reports are using  logstream functions now to generate the report data. This has a huge positive impact on performance of database logstream  sources. Checksum calculation needed to consolidate messages is now  done by the logstream source.
  • Added function to generate missing checksums for all messages in  logstream reports. This means first time you generate a report could  take a little bit longer than usual.
  • Added optimization check into logstream sources. This check is automatically performed by the report admin. If Fields, Indexes or Triggers are missing, the report admin will inform you and give you the possibility optimize the logstream source. These checks are supported for Mysql, PostgreSQL and MSSQL only. Loganalyzer will need ALTER TABLE rights in order to fix or optimize the database structure. Indexes added by the a Report will enhance generation time as the involved fields are used for grouping or sorting. Triggers are used to generate the message checksum when a new data record is INSERTED into the database.
  • Added more debug output at critical areas.
  • Fixed bug with filter edit handling in report admin
  • Changed mininum width of context menu on mainpage from  200 to 250px due display problems in some browsers.

Version: 3.3.0
File size: 1027276 bytes