LogAnalyzer v4.1.13 (v4-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v4.1.13 (stable)

Version 4.1.13 (stable), 2022-10-19

  • UserDB: Fixed “Could not delete data in the ‘1’ source” error in sources admin, thanks to github user @Conan1231
  • statistics: Fix undefinded chart_defaultfilter, thanks to github user @vsc55
  • PHP8 Compatibility: Fix issues regarding PHP8 support
  • jpgraph: Updated to 4.4.1 for PHP8 compatibility

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MD5Hash: 99d1d355c7c969545d3bc9de48ed8160

LogAnalyzer v4.1.11 (v4-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v4.1.11 (stable)

Version 4.1.11 (stable), 2020-07-09

  • ThirdParty: Updated jpgraph to 4.3.1 (2020-04-24)
  • Thanks to Jaiver Pastor for the following fixes and changes:
    • AdminCenter: fix mysql error for field is_global
      (doesn’t have a default value).
    • Fixed IncludeLanguageFile helper function when using custom language.
    • Added Spanish translation (completed).
    • Fixed minor design issue in other languages.
    • Fixed default db_template to include database changes from v4.1.9.

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MD5Hash: 46f3113b4efb552564a4a8eaac12f0af

LogAnalyzer v4.1.9 (v4-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v4.1.9 (stable)

Version 4.1.9 (stable), 2020-01-17

  • UserDB: Corrrected sourceid type of reports database with database   update (v12) thanks to spacecabbie on github.
  • Fixed Links in Helpmenu (thanks to spacecabbie on github).
  • Secured redirect code in login form, thanks for reporting to:   Amal Thamban , Kamal Paul

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MD5Hash: cbd8cd802381171186b32aeaeee01377

LogAnalyzer v4.1.8 (v4-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v4.1.8 (stable)

Version 4.1.8 (stable), 2019-09-26

  • Add new driver for DBMS ClickHouse
  • php7.x: fixed multiple compatibility issues.
  • Fixed minor database definition issue (missing defautl value).
  • Reports Admin: fixed insert sql statement for savereports (SourceID).
  • Reports Admin: fixed wrong mysql_ API call in reports module and replaced with DB_ReturnLastInsertID.

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MD5Hash: 8ad228052f378c3624f5484fd3761c50

LogAnalyzer v4.1.7 (v4-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v4.1.7 (stable)

Version 4.1.7 (stable), 2018-12-04

  • Fixed mysql calls and php7 compatibility issues in convert.php.
  • Login template: Fixed length limit of username / password.
  • jpgraph: Added workarround when imageantialias function is missing.
  • Fixed XSS Issue in login.php (Login Button Referer field).
    Thanks to Gustavo Sorondo from Cinta Infinita for reporting this.
  • Added user contributed japanese translation.

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MD5Hash: 2480784f0aff051c281c814c3670717e


LogAnalyzer v4.1.5 (v4-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer v4.1.5 (stable)

Version 4.1.5 (stable), 2016-10-13

  • Fixed compatibility issues related to PHP7.
  • Updated JPGraph to 4.0.1 (to fix PHP7 support).
  • Changed all mysql_* API calls to mysqli_* API.
  • Fixed several possible XSS exploit issues in report modules and chart generator.
  • Updated JQUERY to v1.12.4 and fixed issues with the loading widget.
  • Fixed case sensitive spelling issue in logstream disk helper functions.
  • Fixed a bug when using the clear data function in UserDB Sources Admin.

Version: 4.1.5
File size: 2865033 bytes