Where to put the plugins for LogAnalyzer?

From time to time, there will be new plugins available for Adiscon LogAnalyzer. If a older installation is used, new plugins will not be integrated automatically. To use plugins that have been released after the version that is used has been published, the following steps have to be made:

1. Download the new plugins you want to use. They are available here.

2. Open your FTP program or access your webserver folder as you usually do.

3. Navigate to the folder where the LogAnalyzer files are located. Now the steps are a bit different for each kind of plugin:

3.1 For Message Parsers navigate to the subfolder \classes\msgparsers.

3.2 For Reports navigate to the subfolder \classes\reports.

3.3 For Translations navigate to the subfolder \lang.

4. Upload the .php files to the selected directory. In case of language files, upload the language directory to the selected directory.

That is all. The new plugins are now ready to use. Simply refresh LogAnalyzer in your browser and you are able to use the new plugins.