How to create automated daily/weekly reports?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the reports in a preconfigured time interval, for example every day or every week?

The reports module is integrated since version 3 of LogAnalyzer. It supports HTML and PDF output and can be fully parameterized. For example, Adiscon LogAnalyzer can be used to analyze user account logons over a specific time frame, system and network errors can be identified or a status report of the whole network be generated. And at it bests: once configured, reports can be sent automatically by email in a daily, weekly or custom interval. Continue reading “How to create automated daily/weekly reports?”

LogAnalyzer 3.2.0 (v3-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer 3.2.0 (v3-stable)


  • Added new logline parser for Syslog23 Format (RFC 5424). This format
    is suported by the RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format template in RSyslog.
    This format also includes syslog facility and priority.
  • Added php session_write_close to certain places to avoid hanging
    browser sessions.
  • Eventlog Summary Report now also detects and processes data from
    EventLog Monitor V2 (from EventReporter/MonitorWare Agent).
  • Fixed typo in Syslog Report, Last Occurrence date is now correctly
    printed in the report.