LogAnalyzer v4.1.1 (v4-beta) released

We have just released LogAnalyzer 4.1.1, the new release of the beta branch.

This release marks a milestone for the changes that have been made. The primary reason for the changes was to make Adiscon LogAnalyzer a lot more accessible and barrier-free, so people with visual limitations have a better chance at working with LogAnalyzer productively. Taking this as the main goal, a lot of work has been applied to the user interface to make it more useful. Also a new theme has been produced to provide a high contrast between elements.

This release has the following changes:

  • Included jquery library into Loganalyzer
  • Included jquery-ui library into Loganalyzer
  • Message Popup Window is a jquery-iu dialog now.
  • Almost all Buttons and Menus are based on jquery-ui now.
  • Added support to set a custom font and fontsize
  • Added new style/theme called “High Contrast”, which can be used for people with debility of sight.
  • Setting Page Reloadtime to 0 will now disable the automatic reload.
  • Chart (Statistics) are loading with jquery now.
  • Chart erroroutput is now HTML.
  • Cleaned up layout of all admin templates
  • Fixed Tab-Order in Search template.
  • Added missing Alt-Text to some images in htmlcode.
  • Added loading overlay to jquery menu and link click functions.
  • Cleanup stylesheets and removed unused csscode.
  • Changed german language files to UTF8



As always, feedback is appreciated.

Florian Riedl