Adiscon LogAnalyzer 3.3.0 beta is out

Adiscon’s open source log analysis frontend LogAnalyzer has grown with some exciting new features. Most importantly, report generation speed has been much increased. This was made possible via tighter integration of the report logic with the actual log source (database or file). As a result, all reports are generated in considerably less time and require far fewer system resources to complete. Continue reading “Adiscon LogAnalyzer 3.3.0 beta is out”

LogAnalyzer v3.3.0 (v3-beta) released

Hi all,

We have just released LogAnalyzer 3.3.0. The new release has the following changes:

LogAnalyzer v3.2.2 (v3-stable) released

Hi all,

We have just released LogAnalyzer 3.2.2. The new stable release has the following changes:

LogAnalyzer 3.2.2 (v3-stable)

Download file name: LogAnalyzer 3.2.2 (v3-stable)


  • Implemented support to use User or Group configured logstream sources in commandline report generator (cmdreportgen.php). The Report Admin will generate an additional parameter for the sample commandline: userid=$uid or groupid=$gid
  • Fixed syntaxlogic bugs in proxy utilisation, thanks to forum member Pierre:
  • Fixed ignoring “IPAddressResolve” setting when “EnableContextLinks” was disabled.
  • Added check in core function to automatically remove MagicQuotes (via “magic_quotes_gpc” setting).
  • Added support to search for full phrases instead of words only. Kindly use Quotes to mark the start and end of a phrase, for example:
    “Search for this”     // Searches for full phrase
    -“Search for this”    // Excludes full phrase
  • Report admin:
    • Fixed saving custom filterstring if new report was created or the previous custom filterstring was empty.
    • Fixed filter editor issues when full phrase strings (with spaces) were configured.
    • Fixed error in parsing include/exclude filters for numeric fields in report admin panel. Changes in the main filter parser were also necessary to fix this issue.
  • Fixed filter detection bug in report class which could lead to problems with certain filter evaluations.

Version: 3.2.2

File size: 1,005 MB